ProBuColls is a nonprofit organization with many distinct ministries dedicated to furthering the gospel message of Jesus Christ. It was originally founded as an organization called Collegiated for Christ and was a part of the Milwaukee Youth for Christ (now WVCY). The group became a separate organization in 1962 and was formed as a 501c3 in 1964. The name was changed to ProBuColls shortly thereafter, which is a combination of “PROfessional,” “BUsiness,” and “COLLegiate”; the three focuses of the organization.

The first office was located at 13th & Lincoln Ave. in Milwaukee. After moving several times through the years, ProBuColls settled in at its current location at 98th & W. Greenfield Ave.  in West Allis (formerly the Something More building).

Many ministries were developed over the years as a part of the ProBuColls ministry.

Contact Information

ProBuColls Association
9733 W. Greenfield Ave.
Milwaukee, WI   53214

phone: 414-344-7300
fax: 414-344-7375